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AGRA urges to embrace new agriculture technologies in order to reap farming benefits


The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has urged smallholder farmers in Lilongwe’s senior chief Mkwinda area to embrace new agriculture technologies in order to reap the benefits of groundnut farming.

Head of Southern Region for AGRA Dyborn Chibonga said groundnut farmers have always had problems because they use recycled seed, which is prone to pests and diseases, during an interaction with farmers in the area on Tuesday.

He said they’ve teamed up with a variety of potential partners to ensure groundnut farmers get more produce and market access as a result of their hard work.

“One of the challenges of growing groundnuts is that farmers use recycled seed which is prone to pests and diseases and when they have produced the crop they usually face problems in terms of finding the market but we are working with various partners including African Fertilizer and Agriculture Partnership (AFAP) and Milele to shoulder the challenges that farmers face.

“Our partners are on the ground supplying improved groundnuts seed and helping farmers on the best method for good agriculture practices that would help the farmers to harvest more and benefit a lot from their hard work,” he said.

Chibonga said they have extension workers employed by Milele and also lead farmers who play crucial roles to make sure that farmers are embracing new farming technologies and also practising best agriculture practices for their benefit.

African Fertilizer and Agriculture partnership Malawi Country Director Sheila Keino said through the partnerships, they are teaching farmers new technologies on how to plant groundnuts.

Deputy Director in the Department of Land Resources Conservation at the Ministry of Agriculture Girbet Kupunda thanked AGRA, AFAP and Milele for their intervention saying he is optimistic that farmers will benefit a lot.

Kupunda said due to climate change there is also a need for farmers to adjust and use agriculture technologies that are user friendly and beneficial.

As one way of sustaining the environment, AGRA and other partners also engaged farmers in the area in a tree planting exercise where over 300 tree seedlings were planted.

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