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Malawi’s ATI conference opens with assurance to revive productive Agricultural


The Agriculture transformation initiative(ATI) today have started an agricultural technology science fair called Agtech challenge in Lilongwe in order to improve agricultural sector in the country .

According to the ATI country director Candida Nakhumwa said that the idea behind the conference is to ensure that they encourage children those that they are in primary, secondary or tertiary education to become more creative in order to come up with locally made technologies to help the farmers to overcome challenges that they face.

“They are some innovative solutions out there so we want to make sure if those solutions helps the farmers to overcome the challenges they face in the country and also we encourage the youth to know that there is a good thing in agriculture so they need to be more innovative”, she said.

She also said that they want to work with these primary children to be able to come up with innovative skills that will help in agricultural sector.

She continued saying that this was just a pilot in order to see on what they will do to open this opportunity to everyone either from those school from remote areas together with those in town to improve science when it comes to agriculture.

The Agricultural transformation summit was launched in December 2018 which supported a number of projects in Malawi which includes the centre for agricultural transformation, investment support facility, Mwapata institute, technology enhanced finance and training extension pilot and also strengthening smallholder daily agribusiness as a viable alternative to tobacco.

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