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Malawi Forges New Path for Labor Migration to Israel


In a significant shift, Malawi and Israel have inked a fresh agreement for the migration of unskilled Malawian labourers to Israel. This new deal marks a clear departure from the previous arrangement, which saw nearly 1,000 workers sent through private labour agents, raising concerns about worker well-being.

This memorandum of understanding signals a commitment to improved regulations and worker protections. It arrives just a month after Malawi’s parliament greenlit the program, paving the way for around 3,000 unskilled labourers to fill the gap left by Palestinians amidst the ongoing Israeli-Hamas conflict.

The agreement represents a crucial step towards ensuring the rights and fair treatment of Malawian workers. Government spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu, who was part of the delegation that signed the deal, emphasized the importance of this shift: “We want to see our citizens benefit, their rights protected, and both parties adhering to the agreed-upon terms.” This government oversight aims to address the challenges faced by previous workers, who reported discrepancies between their contracts and actual working conditions.

While agriculture remains the primary focus, the deal holds promise for skilled Malawian labourers as well. Israeli employers have expressed interest in recruiting construction workers like builders, carpenters, welders, and tile workers, potentially expanding the scope of this partnership.

Lawmakers had previously advocated for recruitment within constituencies, aiming to provide opportunities beyond urban centres. Now, the Malawian Ministry of Labor will spearhead the process, ensuring proper briefing and a clear understanding of the agreements for all participants.

This initiative, launched in November 2023, holds significant economic potential for Malawi. Finance Minister Simplex Chithyola Banda confirmed that $735,000 has already been transferred through this labour export program, demonstrating its potential to generate much-needed foreign exchange.

With the next group of workers set to depart in three weeks, this new chapter in Malawi-Israel relations promises a more secure and regulated path for Malawian labour migration, paving the way for improved worker welfare and potential economic benefits for the nation.

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