GI OVO introduces the Tray Inspector, a machine that can identify, separate and remove the broken trays from your production line.

For more than 20 years our EggsCargoSystem® sets the standard for egg handling worldwide. A vital part of this egg handling infrastructure consists of our durable egg trays. The trays are built to last, but they are often used for a long period of time. They can eventually develop small cracks or other deficiencies. Broken trays may cause broken eggs, a disrupted production process or even severe damage to your machines. That is why we created the ECS® Tray Inspector that identifies and separates the broken trays.

The Tray Inspector is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). This PLC is connected to a computer that runs specially designed software. The software analyses every tray and sees any sort of crack or malfunction. The PLC then decides to which stack the tray is transported: broken trays or correct trays.  

The ECS® Tray Inspector is modular and can be upgraded with several convenient additions to match your specific needs. Its basis consists of a conveyor line, a re-packer, an unpacker, a pusher – that pushes the sorted trays – and especially designed vision technology which detects the broken trays. Our machine can be expanded with various additions, such as several stacking devices, a camera that reads the age of the trays and the possibility to connect to other machines.

For more information about the ECS® Tray Inspector, please visit www.gi-ovo.com or send an email to sales@gi-ovo.com.

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