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Double harvest through inoculants technology


Inoculants technology has propped up soyabeans production for farmers in Lilongwe and Mangochi districts.

The technology has allowed farmers to almost double their annual harvest since, according to agriculture extension development coordinators.

Upscaled by USAID-funded Feed the Future Malawi Ag Diversification Activity (AgDiv), the project has been rolled out to 489 soybean farmers in the growing season 2017/2018.

Funny Malongo, AgDiv’s Agriculture Productivity Consultant has confirmed that the addition of inoculants to soybean before planting can boost yield by 30-50 per cent and even more in certain cases with all other factors kept equal.

“Inoculants technology in Malawi has been spearheaded by Chitedze Research Station, USAID Partners for Innovation and other numerous international research organizations.

“The Government of Malawi has approved the technology and a local producer, Agriculture Input supply ltd (AISL), has been established to sell inoculants to soybean farmers in the country,” Malongo said.

The five-year Feed the Future Malawi Agriculture Diversification Activity aims at sustainably reducing poverty and hunger among Malawi’s smallholder farmers by building robust market linkages and improved agricultural productivity.

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