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Novel Africa fertilizer analytics service developed


AFRIQOM and Africa Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) have joined forces to develop a novel market-leading Africa Fertilizer Analytics Service, an annual service with underlying data set and market intelligence on Africa fertilizer markets.

The partnership combines AFAP’s agro-dealer and market development expertise in the continent with AFRIQOM’s leadership in Africa’s fertilizer markets knowledge.

According to partners, the new annual service will support AFAP’s and AFRIQOM’s ambition for a greener Africa by shining focused beams on individual markets with unmatched data sets.

With over 50 percent of the world’s unused fertile land, an abundant workforce, and a modest 10 to 20kg/hectare of fertilizer nutrient application – compared to 10 times greater rates in other continents, Africa’s potential to feed itself and the world is unquestionable.

The road ahead, however, is long and filled with hurdles. This partnership aims to provide a valuable tool to support the public and private sectors in achieving Africa’s potential.

AFAP aims to be an effective catalyst for agricultural productivity with smallholder farmers, governments, regional economic communities, and SME’s for a prosperous Africa. The mission of AFAP is to increase productivity and efficiency in value chain investments in the agricultural input and output market via innovation-driven solutions for smallholder farmers, public, and private.

 AFRIQOM brought transparency to a substantially opaque market and shunned the light on the African fertilizer supply chain in different markets highlighting the true challenges in this ecosystem.  The company continues to develop novel approaches in the business intelligence sector with footprints in the continent to report on credible information, in-depth analysis, and market movements.

AFAP has an extensive network of wholesale and retail agro-dealers in Africa and provides technical services with data-driven fertilizer market intelligence to inform, advise and influence public and private decision-makers to improve financial services, policy design, and implementation.

The services produce outputs in different country settings that result in outcomes that ultimately contribute to increased agricultural productivity, profitability, income growth, and agricultural transformation.

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