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Farmers World in promotional collaboration with an SA company


A promotion partnership has been agreed between the South African company Hello Paisa and Malawi’s Farmers World and will Malawians who receive money from their relations based in South Africa through mobile money service providers Hello Paisa, have a chance of being rewarded with gift vouchers of up to K50,000.

This is if the recipients shall use the money to purchase farm inputs from Farmers World shops.

The promotion, pegged at a total of K2 million, was devised after noting that some Malawians do send money to their relations back home to buy farm inputs through Farmers World.

In this partnership, the money shall be received at Hello Paisa and go straight to Farmers World from where the recipient shall just go and collect their farm inputs.

And during the transactions, some lucky winners shall be entered into draws to win extra gift vouchers.

Speaking when the two companies were announcing K2 million farm input shopping vouchers in Lilongwe, Farmers World Marketing Manager, Kwafika Ngwalo said the partnership is very important because will help to promote the two companies diversification programme.

“This is a diversification programme so that our customers can easily access our commodities because most the people send money to relatives for things which we sell,” Ngwalo said.

He added that the company offers Malawi’s farmers (big and small) a large range of products throughout shops across the country.

Farmers World focuses on fertilizer and other agricultural inputs, and also offers a complete range of goods including hardware supplies and bicycles as well as providing farmers with their requirements closer home.

The company also support farmers with agricultural extension services through the Farm Services Unit (FSU).

The FSU offers practical and technical farming support, teaching farmers to choose and apply the right inputs to ensure high productivity.

Hello Paisa Director of Operations in Malawi Mohamed Dhoda commended Malawians for their overwhelming support in sending and receiving money.

Dhoda said the exercise is aimed at cushioning the effect of Covid-19.

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