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Sun Powering, She-conomy: Malawi’s Women Farmers Cultivate the Future in Greenhouses


MZIMBA, MALAWI: Nestled amidst rolling green hills in Mzimba, a new kind of agricultural revolution is taking root. Ten gleaming greenhouses, bathed in the warm glow of the Malawian sun, stand testament to a project empowering women farmers and fostering climate-resilient agriculture.

This initiative, spearheaded by UN Women with funding from the Korea International Cooperation Agency, is a beacon of hope for Malawian women who have long shouldered the burden of food production. Traditionally facing limited access to land, resources, and decision-making power, these women are now armed with innovative tools to rewrite their agricultural narrative.

“These greenhouses are a game-changer,” says Cecelia Lungu, vice chairperson of the Mpharayi Cooperative in Mzimba. “We can now grow high-value vegetables year-round, regardless of the season. This means more income, more food security, and a stronger voice in our communities.”

The solar-powered greenhouses boast a unique irrigation system and allow for controlled environments, optimizing crop yields and minimizing water waste. This not only empowers women farmers to adapt to the challenges of climate change but also opens doors to lucrative markets.

“Previously, we were limited to growing basic crops like maize,” explains Lindiwe Mphande, a farmer from Lilongwe. “With the greenhouses, we can cultivate peppers, tomatoes, and even leafy greens – vegetables that fetch a premium price.”

The project goes beyond simply providing infrastructure. UN Women, in partnership with local woman-owned business Thanthwe Farms, is equipping these women with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive. Training programs cover topics like climate-smart agriculture techniques, crop diversification, and even business management.

“This holistic approach is crucial,” says Tapiwa N’gonga, UN Women Malawi Representative. “We’re not just giving women greenhouses; we’re empowering them to become successful agribusiness entrepreneurs.”

The project’s impact is already rippling outwards. The Umoza Cooperative in Mzimba, inspired by the success of the greenhouses, has adopted new methods for growing and packaging green peppers, securing a lucrative deal with a hotel in Mzuzu.

As Malawi strives towards a more equitable and sustainable future, these solar-powered greenhouses stand as a powerful symbol. They are a testament to the potential of women farmers, the power of innovation, and the unwavering spirit of a nation determined to cultivate a brighter tomorrow. 

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