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Flanders commit to several development projects in Malawi


Malawi Minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale has thanked the Government of Flanders for supporting initiatives that have transformed farmers’ lives in the country.

“The Government of Flanders has been with us for 16 years. Their support has elevated our people and today [Saturday], we were together at the opening of Mlimi Radio which will broadcast agriculture programmes to teach our farmers modern farming methods,” he said.

The Government of Flanders has pledged to continue financial support to agriculture initiatives in a bid to promote commercial farming.

Flanders Government Minister of Finance, Budget, Housing and Innovative Heritage Matthias Diependaele said this on Saturday when delegates from his country alongside officials from Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Malawi Government visited a land and water project at Traditional Authority Mphomwa in Kasungu District.

In his remarks, Diependaele assured that his government was committed to continuing to support several development projects in the country.

“We are a partner which started supporting Malawi Government in 2006. We are now preparing a joint strategy to roll out in the next five years to work on agricultural commercialisation and climate change,” he said.

Kasungu district commissioner James Kanyangalazi agreed with Kawale, and said they will continue to implement the projects to improve food production,” he said.

Flanders or Flemish Government is the executive branch of the Flemish Community and Flemish Region of Belgium.

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