Why African farmers are waking up to the huge potential of guinea fowl

In Africa, the potential of guinea fowl largely remains untapped across the continent’s sprawling markets. But poultry farmers in the...

Malawi’s ATI conference opens with assurance to revive productive Agricultural

The Agriculture transformation initiative(ATI) today have started an agricultural technology science fair called Agtech challenge in Lilongwe in order to improve agricultural sector in the...

US suspends tobacco imports from Malawi over forced child labour allegations

The United States on Friday suspended imports of all tobacco and tobacco products from Malawi for alleged forced labour practices  including child labour.

SADC member states must develop the agriculture sector

The rainy season is almost upon us and we urge SADC member countries to seriously invest in agriculture to avert hunger.

Standard Bank, UN combines to empower women farmers in Malawi

Standard Bank of Malawi has partnered United Nations Women to capacitate women farmers to contribute to the economy of the nation through climate smart...